Baker-pub1.JPG (16987 bytes)
Carroll Baker portrays Eve Prescott.

Stewart_shows_furs.jpg (64541 bytes)
Linus shows a beaver pelt to Eve while her family members look on.

Stewart-Baker-pub1.jpg (50867 bytes)
James Stewart and Carroll Baker pose for a tender scene.

Reynolds-pub1.jpg (51788 bytes)
Debbie Reynolds publicity photo.

Reynolds_and_Brennan.JPG (56735 bytes)
Debbie Reynolds and Walter Brennan together.

Reynolds-pub3.jpg (35718 bytes)
Debbie Reynold portrays a singer on a riverboat later in the movie.

Reynolds-Peck-pub1.jpg (40986 bytes)
Ms. Reynolds and Mr. Peck pose as the entertainer and the gambler.

Reynolds-pub2.jpg (47605 bytes)
Ms. Reynolds sings in her showgirl costume.

29-Reynolds_Peck_Ritter.JPG (57081 bytes)
Debbie Reynolds, Gregory Peck, and Thelma Ritter pose for a publicity photo.

John_Wayne-pub1.jpg (36746 bytes)
John Wayne portrays the Union army's General Sherman..

CarolBaker_as_older_mother.JPG (37739 bytes)
Carroll Baker portrays an older woman whose husband and son go to war in the Civil War segment of the movie.

G_Peppard-pub1.jpg (25900 bytes)
George Peppard portrays a Civil War soldier, a post-war Army officer (shown here),
and a lawman in the last three segments of the movie.

Caroline_Jones-pub1.JPG (13477 bytes)
Caroline Jones portrays the wife of a lawman (George Peppard) in the Outlaws segment of the movie.

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