Nakajima G10N1 Fugaku

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In April 1943, as a private venture, Nakajima initiated studies for an aircraft (Project Z) capable of carrying out bombing operations against the US mainland from bases in Japan. Later during that year these studies served as the basis for a joint Navy-Army project, which initially was intended to be powered by six 5,000 hp Nakajima Ha-505 thirty-six cylinder radials. However, because of expected late availability of these powerplants, the design was scaled down to use six 2,500 hp Nakajima NK11A radials. In this form the G10N1 Fugaku (Mount Fugi) was designed to cruise at altitudes in excess of 32,810 ft (10,000 m) and to reach a top speed of 423 mph (680 km/h). It remained in development at war's end and never saw operational service. (source: Francillion)

Nakajima G10N1 Fugaku

Type:           Land Attack - Heavy Bomber
Service: 	JNAF and JAAF
Crew:           n/a
Armament:       four 7.7mm Type 92 machine guns (2 in nose, 2 in waist)
		four 20mm Type 99 cannon 
		short-range bombload: up to 44,092 lb (20000 kg) bombs
		long-range bombload: up to 11023 lb (5000 kg) bombs
Reference: 	Francillon: 493, Mondey: 

        Length:         n/a
        Height:         n/a
        Wingspan:       206' 8.25" (63 m)
        Wing area:      n/a
        Loaded Weight:  352,740 lbs (160,000 kg)

        No. of Engines: 6
        Powerplant:     Nakajima Ha-505 36-cylinder radial
        Horsepower:     5000 hp each

        Range:          from Japan to the U.S.A. and back
        Cruise Speed:   n/a
        Max Speed:      423 mph (680 km/hr) at 16895 ft
        Climb to/in:    n/a
        Ceiling:        n/a
Production:		none completed?

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