Yokosuka K4Y1

The Yokosuka K4Y (or Navy Type 90 Seaplane Trainer) was a Japanese floatplane trainer of the 1930s. A single engined two-seat biplane, 211 K4Ys were built between 1933 and 1940, serving as the Imperial Japanese Navy's basic floatplane trainer throughout the Second World War.  (info from Wikipedia)

Yokosuka K4Y1

Type:           Basic Floatplane Trainer
Service: 	Japanese Naval Air Force (JNAF)
Crew:           two
Armament:       none
Reference: 	Francillon: 494

        Length:         29' 8.25" (9.05 m)
        Height:         11' 6" (3.51 m)
        Wingspan:       35' 9.15" (10.9 m)
        Wing area:      285 sq. ft (29.5 sq. m)
        Empty Weight:   1631 lbs (740 kg)
        Loaded Weight:  2183 lbs (990 kg)

        No. of Engines: 1
        Powerplant:     Hitachi Kamikaze 2 7-cylinder radial
        Horsepower:     160 hp 

        Range:          170 nautical miles (196 st miles, 315 km)
        Cruise Speed:   57.5 mph (92.5 km/hr) 
        Max Speed:      101 mph (163 km/hr) at sea level
        Climb to/in:    9845 ft (3000 m) in 29 min 20 sec
        Ceiling:        11352 ft (3460 m)
Production:		approximately 211 K4Ys

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