Mansyu Ki.98

In 1943 Mansyu undertook design of the Ki-98 single-seat ground attack aircraft. Of twin-boom configuration, it was to be powered by a 2,200 hp turbosupercharged Mitsubishi Ha-211 Ru radial engine mounted in the central nacelle behind the pilot's seat and driving a four-blade propeller. Nose-mounted armament consisted of one 37mm and two 20mm cannon. A prototype was still under construction when Japan surrendered.     (source: Francillion)

Mansyu Ki.98

Type:           ground attack aircraft
Service: 	Japanese Army Air Force (JAAF)
Crew:           one
Armament:       one nose-mounted 30mm cannon
		two nose-mounted 20mm cannon 
Reference: 	Francillon: 486

        Length:         37' 4.25" (11.4 m)
        Height:         n/a
        Wingspan:       36' 11.25" (11.26 m)
        Wing area:      n/a
        Empty Weight:   n/a
        Max Weight:     9921 lbs (4500 kg)

        No. of Engines: 1
        Powerplant:     Mitsubishi Ha-211 Ru radial engine
        Horsepower:     2200 hp

        Range:          n/a
        Cruise Speed:   n/a
        Max Speed:      454 mph (730 km/hr) at 32,810 ft (10000 m)
        Climb to/in:    n/a
        Ceiling:        n/a
Production:		one prototype was unfinished at war's end
For a very nice scale color drawing of this aircraft, see here.

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