Projected aircraft that were never built

Aichi B8A, Mokusei (Jupiter) - a smaller and faster improved derivative of the Aichi B7A, 2,200 hp Mitsubishi MK9A engine - never built

Mansyu Ki-65, designed to replace the Ki-44 Shoki as an interceptor, three different variants (versions with different engines) were proposed, but none left the drawing board. See for more info.

Mitsubishi G7M1, Navy Experimental 16-Shi Attack Bomber, Taizan (Great Mountain) - projected twin-engined heavy bomber; not realized

Kawanishi H11K1-L, Navy Experimental Large Transport Flying-boat, Soku (Blue Sky) - projected four engined transport flying boat with clamshell loading doors in the nose

Mitsubishi Q2M1, Navy Experimental 19-Shi Patrol Bomber, Taiyo (Ocean) - projected twin-engined ASW patrol bomber

Mitsubishi, Tozan (Eastern Mountain), Navy Experimental Attack Plane - project only

(NOTE: this is a partial list, and is not meant to be complete. It is only here as a stub to complete links from the NAMES and TYPES page.)


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