Tachikawa Ki.9 Type 95-1 ("Spruce"/"Pat")

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In 1934 Tachikawa was instructed to design an aircraft which, by fitting different engines, could serve as a primary trainer or as an intermediate trainer. The first prototypes were completed in late 1934, with the first flight being completed in January 1935. The Ha-13a powered intermediate trainer was accepted for production as the "Army Type 95-1 Medium Grade Trainer Model A" (with later improved versions being known as the Model B). The Ki-9s remained in service with the Japanese Army throughout the Sino-Japanese conflict and the Pacific War, and was code named "Spruce" by the Allies.

Tachikawa Ki.9 Type 95-1

Type:           Basic (Medium) Trainer
Service: 	Japanese Army Air Force (JAAF) 
Crew:           Pupil and instructor
Armament:       none
Reference: 	Francillon: 246 

        Length:         24' 8.25" (7.52 m)
        Height:         9' 10.15" (3 m)
        Wingspan:       33' 10.25" (10.32 m)
        Wing area:      263.715 sq. ft (24.5 sq. m)
        Empty Weight:   2238 lbs (1015 kg)
        Loaded Weight:  3142 lbs (1425 kg)
        Max Weight:     n/a

        No. of Engines: 1
        Powerplant:     Hitachi Ha-13a 9-cylinder radial
        Horsepower:     350 hp

        Endurance:      3-5 hours
        Cruise Speed:   93 mph (150 km/hr)
        Max Speed:      149 mph (240 km/hr)
        Climb to/in:    3280 ft (1000 m) in 4 min 55 sec
        Ceiling:        n/a
Production:		2618 Ki-9s built

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