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Three crew members of B-17 42-37938,OR:E survey the tail damage received during a mission on April 19, 1944.
Source: B-17 Fortress At War by Roger A. Freeman


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The tail emplacement of the "Mary Alice" was shattered by a 20mm cannon shell which killed the gunner. Note the face decoration on the gun shield.
Source: B-17 Fortress At War by Roger A. Freeman


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A B17-G that made it to Sweden. The ship in the picture is #42-102905 "905" from the 748th SQ 457th BG. The date for this landing was the October 7, 1944 and the target was Politz in Poland. The damage to the tail is said to have been inflicted by an 88 shell that didn't explode, but just passed right through the elevator. Other damage included a hit in the nose compartment, two engines knocked out, radio destroyed, no brakes, and ruptured fueltanks. One airman was killed and the bombardier was mortally wounded. The navigator was hit by fragments and went into shock. The day after they counted over 70 holes in the plane. "905" was later scrapped on the airfield were it landed.
SOURCE: contributed by Daniel Pettersson of the Stragglers website


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A flak hit removed the tail gun position from this B-17. That's all the info I have. Anyone out there have more data on this incident?
SOURCE: contributed by "Troy"


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Fighter attacks killed a gunner and shattered much of the tail section of Reluctant Dragon, a B-17 of the 96th BG. Six men bailed out, but the remaining three returned with the plane to the base at Snetterton Heath.
SOURCE: The Mighty Eighth by Roger A. Freeman


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This 91st BG B-17 named Old Ironsides had its stabilizer knocked off by a 1000 pound bomb dropped by another bomber flying above it during a mission over Bremen.
SOURCE: The Mighty Eighth by Roger A. Freeman


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This 385th BG B-17 was called Honkey Tonk Sal. The aircraft was salvaged despite the massive tail damage received on a March 15 1944 mission.
SOURCE: contributed by Bill Varnedoe


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Another view of Honkey Tonk Sal.
SOURCE: contributed by Bill Varnedoe


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A rocket caused this damage to B-17 #42-30720, LF:G on January 11, 1944.  Lt. Hahn brought her home safely.
SOURCE: The Mighty Eighth by Roger A. Freeman


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February 16, 1943: One of thirty damaged Fortresses, the 303rd's Joe Btfsplk (flown by 1/Lt Donald E. Stockton, on the left), came home with an FW-190's cannon fire hole as big as a household door in the fin. Damage was inflicted by a FW 190 during a raid on the U-Boat base at St. Nazaire in occupied France.
SOURCE: The Mighty Eighth by Roger A. Freeman


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Thru Hel'en Hi Water returned to base after a direct hit on the tail. The tail gunner was uninjured, fortunate that he was checking the tail wheel when the shell hit.
SOURCE: Game manual for Microprose's "B-17 Flying Fortress" game, submitted by Paul Varn


A B-17 tail gunner looks through the hole in the tail assembly of his plane after meeting with German fighters over Steyr, Austria.
(Some people think that this is B-24 tail, but look at the top of the rudder - it does not go all the way to the top of the tail.)
SOURCE: B-17 Flying Fortress by William Hess