peninsula on which the airfield is located, and with enemy reinforcements having fairly easy access to the island from nearby Halmahera, the danger of a breakthrough of the perimeter line, which was only a mile from the Navy Search Group camp was ever-present. Enemy patrols attacked the perimeter positions almost nightly and there wore numerous cases of infiltration by individuals or small groups.

Between December 24 and December 27 the squadron provided one plane each night for joint operations with PT boats engaged in anti-barge patrol in the waters between Moretai and the northernmost tip of Halmahera. Lieutenant Commander William L. KAUBER, USN, on the night of December 24, sighted two camouflaged enemy barges near the coast of Halmahera and sank them both by direct hits with l00-pound bombs.

Black Cat patrols from Moretai were discontinued December 19 by order of Commander Aircraft, SEVENTH Fleet, and with the exception of the joint operations with PT boats previously mentioned, the squadron was in a rest and maintenance status until January 4, 1945 when it moved forward to Leyte.





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