Lieutenant (jg) THOMAS attacked Tawac, Borneo the same night and dropped six 250-lb. G.P. bombs on two small freighters in the harbor with unobserved results. Damage was inflicted on docks, ships and buildings in the harbor area on ten strafing runs.

Also on December 12 Lieutenant (jg) ALLEN flew a Dumbo mission during daylight hours to Galela Bay, Halmahera to assist in the attempt to rescue an Australian P-40 pilot who was on the beach and badly wounded. Accurate fire from enemy artillery and snipers in the woods back of the beach made the rescue effort difficult and resulted in its eventual failure. Lieutenant (jg) ALLEN strafed the woods and reported artillery positions to the covering fighters for strafing. He also assisted in guiding surface boats to the scene. The rescue effort was finally abandoned when the wounded man was seen floating in the water and apparently dead.

December 14 - Commander GILLETTE again made a long range strike going seven hundred fifty miles on a flight of 14.2 hours to Kudat, Borneo. Of his six 250-lb. bombs dropped, three hit the main dock which blew up destroying also a lugger tied alongside. Four strafing runs were made on both sides of the airstrip.




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