determined due to poor visibility at night, was inflicted upon docks, warehouses and barracks in enemy held ports by bombing and strafing.

Action highlights for the week of 15-21 December were as follows:

December 15 - Lieutenant (jg) FEIST dropped six 250-lb. G.P. bombs and made six strafing runs on an enemy freighter off the north-east tip of Borneo (05-13N 119-13E). Visibility conditions at night made accurate observation of the results impossible. However a Navy Liberator on search the following day was ordered to inspect the area and reported a Fox Tare Charlie beached and on its side at 05-13N 119-14E. There had been no previous report of a beached ship at this position.

December 17 - Lieutenant (jg) LENNICKE bombed and strafed a barge 100’ x 30’ tied at a dock just north of Davao on Mindanao. Only slight damage is claimed since no fires were observed and the results could not be accurately judged.




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