January 1 through January 7, 1945

On 1 January 1945, Patrol Bombing Squadron SEVENTY-ONE was based at Morotai, N.E.I. under orders to move to Leyte, P.I.

Lieutenant M. G. EMMANUEL, Lieutenant R. C. TREJO and Lieutenant (jg) R. F. FEIST were at Owi for the purpose of escorting VMF-251, a Marine F4U Squadron to Samar, P.I. via Pelelieu. This mission was completed on 2 January after which the three (3) planes landed at Leyte. They continued to operate as a separate detachment during the remainder of the period covered by this report.

On 4 January this detachment proceeded to Mindoro, P.I. basing on the seaplane tenders HALF MOON and SAN PABLO. Searches were flown to the China coast on the nights of 6-7 and 7-8 January.

Commander N. C. GILLETTE, Jr. led a flight of four (4) planes from Morotai to Leyte on 4 January and a second flight of four (4) planes followed on 7 January. All basing aboard the U.S.S. TANGIER. Of the squadrons four remaining planes one was at Morotai and three (3) at Owi.

Patrol Bombing Squadron SEVENTY-ONE planes based on the U.S.S. TANGIER at Leyte were given the assignment of providing Tomcat coverage for the convoys which were then moving from Leyte toward Lingayen Gulf on Luzon. The first such mission was flown the night of 4-5 January and they continued each night for the remainder of the period covered by this report.

Details of the squadron's operational flights during the week are as follows:

January 4-5 - Lieutenant (jg) W. B. LEVY on Tomcat mission to cover the Lingayen Bombardment Group was unable to locate the convoy.

January 5-6- Lieutenant G. I. PALMER provided Tomcat coverage for the Lingayen Bombardment Group.

January 6-7 - Lieutenant A. J. HUTTENBERG flew Tomcat cover for the San Fabian Attack Force between Panay and Mindoro. Lieutenant A. O. TURNER performed the same service for the Lingayen Attack Force. Both planes made possible submarine contacts which were duly reported to their respective convoys.

January 6-7 - Lieutenant M. G. EMMANUEL searched a six hundred eighty (680) mile sector from Mindoro to the China Coast, a total distance of one thousand four hundred sixty-five (1465) miles. A radar contact was made on unidentified ships near the coast of Hainan Island. No bombs were carried on this night mission.




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