January 21-22 - Commander Norman C. GILLETTE, Jr., USN again attacked the Toko, Formosa Seaplane Base and this time dropped two (2) 250 lb. G.P. bombs and two (2) 100 lb. incendiary clusters all of which landed squarely in the center of the target area blowing up several large shops and hangars and starting fires and explosions which were still visible when the plane was thirty (so) miles away. Meagre but accurate light anti-aircraft fire was again observed but no hits were made on the plane. Three (3) searchlights again attempted to bracket the PBY. Although similar in many respects there was one noticeable point of difference between this attack and the one Commander GILLETTE delivered at Toko on 16 January. On his first visit the Japs courteously turned on the seadrome landing lights for him which they noticeably failed to do when he returned a week later. This is thought to indicate that he has worn out his welcome.

January 21-22 - Lieutenant Glen I. PALMER, USNR strafed an unidentified enemy vessel, one of a group of four (4) sighted in the Pescadores Islands near Formosa, with unobserved results. The attack was made from an altitude of two hundred (200) feet. Meagre light but quite accurate anti-aircraft fire was received in return which resulted in one small hole in the tail surface.




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