RAF Scenes in England and France

The French chateau that was constructed to be seen in the background of the scene on the French airfield early in the movie.

Here's the chateau seen from the back, showing that it was only a facade.

One of the cast members plays the bagpipes for others on the set of an RAF airfield.

An RAF anti-aircraft emplacement made for the movie

Duxford airfield seen from the air today. You can see the large white half dome of the 'new' American air museum there. Above it are the several
pairs of old WWII hangars. I'm guessing that the brown patch where a hangar would obviously be is the former site of the hangar blown up for
the movie. In addition to the more modern paved runway (to the right), you can see the grass runway '06' that is still used by some of the older
aircraft that visit Duxford annually.

Detonating explosives simulating a German bombing attack on an RAF airfield.

The Ventnor radar tower under construction for the movie. Only the bottom part was constructed,
as the top was not seen in full scale.



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