ME-109's wait for takeoff

British troops retreat
from Dunkirk

German envoy offers a
negotiated peace

Fire engulfs British
fighter in France

Official inspection of
invasion bombers

Goering arrives at
Channel coast

Luftwaffe pilots are
briefed on coastal raid

Heinkels strafe British
shipping convoy

Heinkel bombs dockyard
area at Portsmouth

British pilot escapes
death after dog-fight

Heinkels fly in formation
to bomb Tangmere

Spitfires are attacked
during surprise raid

Biggin Hill fuel truck is
blown up during raid

Manston: an RAF hangar
flames during a raid

Debris after a fierce
raid on an airfield

Spitfires litter Northwealde
airfield after Nazi raid

RAF pilots at the ready
for the next raid

Nazi pilots are briefed
for a dawn raid

A Messerschmitt takes
off for another raid

Two Hurricanes return
home after combat

A Messerschmitt dives
out of the clouds

German fighters take off
for a night attack

Goering watches
bombers leave for a raid

Goering watches a raid
on a coastal town

ME 109s in formation
approach London

The Observer Corps
report sighting fighters

A Heinkel flies in for a
raid on the S.E. area

R.A.F. No. 11 Group wait
for enemy planes

A Spitfire speeds out to
engage enemy fighters

run to their machines

Squadrons of Hurricanes
pursue enemy planes

Messerschmitts swoop
down on Dover

A Heinkel bursts into
flames as it crashes

Three Spitfires turn to
engage in a dogfight

Spitfires return home
over the British coast

Pilots scramble as bombs
fall around the airfield

A German plane limps
back across the Channel

German troops wait in
France for the invasion

The Lull: Goering plans
his next desperate move

Goering demands to know
why his bombers failed

An AA gun crew gets a
bomber in their sights

High in the sky a Spitfire
swoops into the kill

Londoners huddle
together during a raid

A Messerschmitt escorts
bombers in a raid

Magnificent Spitfires:
the guardian of Britain

Civil Defense searches
for trapped victims

Londoners forced to
leave their homes

Heroic fire fighters work
on during the Blitz

A mighty Hurricane on
the trail of an ME-109

A Nazi pilot parachutes
from a burning Heinkel

An English pilot
struggles to free himself

A Heinkel flounders with
one engine on fire

German airfields defend
themselves with AA guns

Amidst the fires search-
lights seek out the Nazis

Heinkels are uncovered
for another raid

British Air Controllers
briefed on new tactics


R.A.F. triumphant in
the skies of Europe

Messerschmitts take-off
for another raid





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