This page will feature excerpts from (the late) Robert J. Rudhall's book "Battle of Britain - The Movie". Unfortunately the author has passed away and at least one (if not both) of his comprehensive books on the movie will never be reprinted because the files have been somehow lost.  In order to keep this fascinating information from being lost to the aviation community forever, I will reprint parts of the books here. Note that I make no money on this website, it is strictly for information purposes only (as a matter of fact I actually lose money, as I have to pay web server fees out of my own pocket with no recompense).

Just click on the links below to read parts of the book....

"Battle of Britain - The Movie", by Robert J. Rudhall (2000)

                    Chapter 1 - Introduction

                    Chapter 2  - Opening Shots

                    Chapter 3 - Film Logistics

                    Chapter 4 - Lights, Camera, Action!

                    Chapter 5 - Battle's Cameraship

                    Chapter 6 - Colours and Codes

                    Chapter 7 - Model Work

                    Chapter 8 - On Location

                    Chapter 9 - Summer 1968

                    Chapter 10 - Identifying the RAF

                    Chapter 11 - Music Maketh The Movie

                    Chapter 12 - On Release

                    Chapter 13 - Cast And Credits

                    Chapter 14 - The Aircraft Fleet, Then And Now

                    Chapter 15 - Just How Historically Accurate was Battle of Britain?


                    Appendix 1: 1969 - A Year In Film and Television

                    Appendix 2: Battle Star's Filmography

                    Appendix 3: Also Seen In



- END-


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