A large Stuka model crashes into a radar tower model in the film.
(Unknown source)

A replica Spitfire is seen on a jig. When simulating flight, the pilot was moved in the cockpit
(instead of moving the aircraft). This type of pilot was known as a 'Noddy'.
(Photo from Flypast magazine, September 1989)

Jack Morton, one of the fliers with the model unit, holds one of the Hispano Buchon fighters to give an idea of the scale of the radio
controlled aircraft used in the filming.
(photo from Jack Morton via Gary Brown)

Jack Morton, one of the film's model makers, ponders the next move in the workshop, surrounded by Spitfires.
(photo from Jack Morton)

Resembling an outside production line, the flying models had to be put together after their shipment from England to Malta.
(photo from Jack Morton)

A system of wheeled trolleys was used to get the model aircraft airborne.
Faithfully replicating the full size aircraft, the model work on Battle of Britain was, for its day, very convincing.
(photo from Jack Morton)

Three of the Stuka models are made ready for the Ventnor Radar Station attack scene. The model radar towers can be seen in the background.
(photo from Jack Morton)

The size of the models can be judged by this photograph of two of the team with one of the Heinkels in Malta.
(photo from Jack Morton)

Sadly not many of the flying models came back to the UK after their stint in Malta. Their useful purpose served, the majority were
piled in a heap and set on fire to save on return transportation costs.
(photo from Jack Morton)


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