VS-5_squadron_pic.jpg (143884 bytes)
Official US Navy photograph of VS-5, taken on USS Enterprise flight deck in July 1942.

Names: Glidewell and Caldwell (CO) at seated in front.
Second row (L-R) are Woodhull, Garlow, Pfautz, Wilger, Brown, Fives, Traynor, Cales, Maul, Harding.
Third row (L-R) are Strickland, Conzett, Brunetti, Jorgenson, Buell, Wood, Coolbaugh, Jaeger, Nicholson, Kustula.
Back row (L-R) are Austin, Strong, Barker, Monahan, Ervin, Adams, Downing, Jones, Richey, Broussard, Estes, Stamey, Burnett.

This group includes pilots and gunners; a gunner named Roll is missing from the shot.

The names in bold are known to have been members of Flight 300, which served on Guadalcanal.

(photo courtesy of Hal Buell via Stan Jersey)


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