Veteran's Information

I do not currently have info on individual people who were involved in the campaign for Guadalcanal. Eventually this page will serve as a communication portal for such searches and discussions. In the meantime, please visit the Veterans page of my Naval Air War website, which provides links for locating information on any veteran. Also, if you are looking for someone from the 1st Marine Division, try their website at

To inquire about joining the Guadalcanal Campaign Veterans association,
visit their website at


The association of the Guadalcanal Campaign Veterans will be having their next national reunion
at the Hilton Garden Inn (1-504-525-0044), New Orleans

from 2 September to 6 September 201

see the Guadalcanal Campaign Veterans website for more detailed reunion information

If the website is not working they can also be reached at:
Guadalcanal Campaign Veterans
8837 NE Schuyler St
Portland, OR  97220-5550

or email their president Robert J. Evans




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