This website was created to honor the life and accomplishments of my father, and was a birthday present to him on his 80th birthday. He has since passed away (January 27, 2002), and so this has become his memorial as well.

My father was known by many names: christened "Ralph Morgan Hanson", he became "Bus" (short for Buster) in his youth, and then was called "Swede" by his shipmates (because of his Norwegian ancestry), a name still used by most people who knew him.

He has had a positive effect on many people during his life.   Read the letters of appreciation shown elsewhere on this site to get an idea of how he has helped those that served under him and with him.  He was always a source of pride and joy to his family.  He was the finest man that I have ever met.

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Thank you for visiting!

- David Hanson