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Page Five - Shore Duty

1961: with two-year-old son David

1964: Now a Captain

Ralph and Ann at a USNAD function (1966)

The famous McAlester "fishing" photograph

Armed Forces Day parade, 1967:
(L-R: Congressman Carl Albert, Captain Ralph M. Hanson,
Rear Admiral  Arthur R. Gralla, Lt. Governor George Nigh)

1968: Captain Hanson hosts Astronaut Gordon Cooper and his wife Trudy
(both on the left)

RMH receives gift of genuine headdress from Oklahoma Indians

With the other dignitaries on Navy Day at McAlester, 1968
(L-R) M.C. Black (CPO of the Navy); Congressman Carl Albert; Captain Ted Rowe (P.W.O.);
Captain Ralph Hanson; Secretary of the Navy Ignatius; Major Jim Hitz USMC

The Disabled Veterans award
(Congressional House Majority Leader Carl Albert on the right)

1969: The family photo (L-R front): Swede, Ann, David; (rear): Karen, Tom

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