The last set of ruins on the Nile cruise before you reach Aswan are the ruins of Kom Ombo. They are actually a pair of temples side by side. The left part is dedicated to the falcon god Haroeris (Horus the Elder). The right side is consecrated to the crocodile god Sobek, known as the exterminator of the enemies of Osiris. It doesn't take too long to explore this set of ruins, as they are fairly compact.


The two things that I remember most about Kom Ombo are the preserved crocodile mummies that were on display at the site, and one courtyard wall mural that was noteworthy for its depiction of Egyptian medical tools and knowledge. The site is easy to get to, as it is literally right on the Nile, within walking distance from the cruise ship dock.


This is a photo of the remains of the Mammisi decorated by Ptolemy VIII.  At the top you can still see the blue color on the wings of the winged snakes on each side of the sun disk.


This is a wall panel showing the crocodile god Sobek holding an ankh. This type of wall mural is difficult to carve, as it uses raised reliefs (all the surrounding area has to be removed for the hieroglyphics or figures to come forward).