This website is a collection of pictures from my 1999 trip to Egypt. It also kind of doubles as a travelogue of sorts, though it is not meant to be a detailed trip diary. I have included representative photos from each site, though these pics are only a small fraction of the total that we brought back. My friend Sue took most of these photos (she had the main 35mm camera, while I had the camcorder and two auxiliary cameras). In some cases I've used photos from postcards or books, as some of our shots just couldn't compare (not enough light, unavailable angles, etc.). The shots that we didn't take are differentiated by putting a grey frame around them, so that it doesn't appear that I am trying to take credit for someone else's work.

This is phase one of the website. As time permits I hope to return to it and add more photos or other material, and perhaps improve it's layout. It is meant for viewing by my friends, though I will make it available to the public, if they have the interest. 

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