Here are examples of most of the papyrus art that I acquired in Egypt. Some of the art used gilded (gold/silver) paint, which didn't scan well, but at least you'll get the idea as to what they look like. There were hundreds of designs available, but these were the ones I chose.

papyrus1.jpg (73501 bytes)

This is my favorite one. It is a representation of a famous piece of ancient Egyptian art, which I will attempt to describe: The jackal-headed god Anubis brings a newly deceased person to the underworld, where his soul is weighed on a scale against a feather. If the person has sinned he will fail the test, and be eaten by the strange creature known as "the devourer" (the one with the crocodile snout and the mane of a lion). The ibis-headed god of wisdom (Thoth) records the result of the weighing, which is reported to the supreme deity Osiris (on the throne) by the falcon-headed god Horus. (Or something like that.) Anyway, I bought this piece in Aswan.


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papyrus2.jpg (36677 bytes)

These were the other two pieces that I liked, both of which I bought at the papyrus store that our guide took us to.


papyrus8.JPG (61163 bytes)

This is a detail from a large papyrus that was given to me as a gift from the tour company.


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papyrus7.jpg (17106 bytes)

These are some of the small (6x8 inch) pieces that picked up cheaply at the Abu Simbel airport.