The high speed of the Me 262 jet was a shock when it was first encountered by Allied bomber crews.  In January 1945, an elite fighter unit was formed using the ME-262 and many of Germany's remaining veteran pilots. Designated JV 44, it was led by General Adolf Galland, the famous ace who had led Germany's fighter arm. One of the more active days for JV 44 was April 7, 1945, in which 15 American heavy bombers were lost, most of them to the German jets. This scene shows a pass by Me 262s of JV 44 against American B-24s, which resulted in the loss of two bombers, though an Me 262 was heavily hit.

Signed edition also available!

In addition to the $10 edition shown above, we also have 25 copies of a limited edition version of this print that has been signed by five Luftwafe pilots who held the Knight's Cross medal:  Walter Krupinski, Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Fritz Tegtmeier, Herbert Kaiser, and Erich Rudorffer.
Numbered 1-25, with certificate.   Price: $110.00 each

Note: like all Valiant Clan prints, the actual print has a white border with text at the bottom displaying the aircraft name and a description of the action portrayed. (See the P-51B Mustang as an example.)  The above scan only shows the image (and not the surrounding border or text), and is merely meant to give you an idea of the image content.