Nakajima A6M2-N "RUFE"

The Nakajima A6M2-N (known by the Allied code name "Rufe") was the floatplane version of the carrier-based Mitsubishi Zero. In 1940 the Japanese Navy saw the need for a single-seat fighter that could be used primarily on military installations on small Pacific Islands, where it was impossible to build landing fields. The design was entrusted to Nakajima, which was already building Zeros along with the Mitsubishi company. Except for the addition of the floats and some minor structural changes, the Rufe was almost identical with the Zero. Even with the extra drag and weight its performance was not greatly inferior to the Zero. This scene shows Rufes defending Japanese shipping from American B-25s and P-38s during the Aleutian campaign.

Note: like all Valiant Clan prints, the bottom of the print displays the aircraft name and a description of the action portrayed. (See the P-51B Mustang as an example.)  The above scan does not show the text, and is merely meant to give you an idea of the image content.