In this print, TBD Devastators of USS Yorktown's VT-5 engage Japanese ships in the Battle of Tulagi, a minor prelude to the Battle of the Coral Sea in May of 1942. In two separate attacks the TBDs launched a total of 22 torpedoes in Tulagi harbor, but their only success was the sinking of the minesweeper Tama Maru. This was probably due to the poor quality of the aerial torpedoes, and the inexperience of the American flight crews.

Note: like all Valiant Clan prints, the actual print has a white border with text at the bottom displaying the aircraft name and a description of the action portrayed. (See the P-51B Mustang as an example.)  The above scan only shows the image (and not the surrounding border or text), and is merely meant to give you an idea of the image content.