Guadalcanal Photo Gallery - The Leaders

Obviously, not everyone is represented here yet. This is only the first group to have their photos scanned.

U.S. Navy

Admiral_Chester_W_Nimitz.JPG (12976 bytes)
Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
In command of Phase I of Operation Watchtower (the invasion of Guadalcanal)


Vice-Admiral_Robert_L_Ghormley.JPG (11980 bytes)
Vice-Admiral Robert L. Ghormley
U.S. Navy Commander in the South Pacific


Admiral_Fletcher.JPG (14755 bytes)
Admiral Fletcher
Acted as commander in the area on
behalf of
Vice-Admiral Ghormley

Rear-Admiral_Kelly_Turner.JPG (13360 bytes)
Rear Admiral Kelly Turner
Commander of the Amphibious Force,

immediately under Admiral Fletcher


Vice-Admiral_John_S_McCain.JPG (12627 bytes)
Vice-Admiral John S. McCain
in charge of shore-based aircraft on Guadalcanal

Rear-Admiral_Norman_Scott.JPG (11781 bytes)
Rear Admiral Norman Scott
Commander of the U.S. Naval forces

at the Battle of Cape Esperance

Rear-Admiral_Wright.JPG (11347 bytes)
Rear Admiral Wright
commanded the USN forces at the
disastrous naval Battle of Tassafaronga
in which a Japanese destroyer force
beat a force of American cruisers.


Rear-Admiral_Daniel_J_Callaghan.JPG (11763 bytes)
Rear-Admiral Daniel J. Callaghan
USN task force commander at the nighttime Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, he was killed during that battle while on the bridge of the cruiser San Francisco.

Rear-Admiral_Willis_A_Lee.JPG (12689 bytes)
Rear-Admiral Willis A. Lee
Commanded the US battleships
South Dakota and Washington at
the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

Admiral_Kinkaid.JPG (7964 bytes)
Admiral Kinkaid
Led the USN task force of the USS Enterprise and the South Dakota at the Battle of the Santa Cruz

Admiral_Halsey.JPG (11506 bytes)
Vice-Admiral F. "Bull" Halsey
replaced Ghormley as Commander
of the South Pacific area

U.S. Marine Corps

Major-General_Alexander_A_Vandegrift-USMC.JPG (11508 bytes)
Major-General Alexander A. Vandegrift
1st Marine Division commander


Brigadier-General_Roy_S_Geiger-USMC.JPG (11272 bytes)
Brigadier-General Roy S. Geiger
Commander of the 1st Air Wing


Brigadier-General_William_H_Rupertus.JPG (10498 bytes)
Brigadier-General William H. Rupertus
Commander of the 1st Marine Raider Battalion


Lieutenant-Colonel_Chesty_Puller-USMC.JPG (11904 bytes)
Lieutenant-Colonel Lewis "Chesty" Puller
led the 1st Battalion of the 7th Marines

Lieutenant-Colonel_Harold_E_Rosecrans.JPG (11881 bytes)
Lieutenant-Colonel Harold E. Rosecrans
led the 2nd Battalion of the 5th Marines

Colonel_Merritt_A_Edson-USMC.JPG (11481 bytes)
Lieutenant-Colonel Merritt A. Edson
led the 1st Marine Raider Battalion
Brigadier-General Rupertus

Lieutenant-Colonel_Samuel_B_Griffith.JPG (13555 bytes)
Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel B. Griffith
Executive Officer to Lieutenant-Colonel Merritt A. Edson


Colonel_Carlson-USMC.JPG (13570 bytes)
Lieutenant-Colonel Evans F. Carlson
led the 2nd Raider Battalion,
known as "Carlson's Raiders"

General_Marston.JPG (10999 bytes)
Major General John Marston
Commander of the 2nd Marine Division

U.S. Army

General_Harmon.JPG (17112 bytes)
General Millard F. Harmon
Army Commander South Pacific

General_Patch.JPG (10725 bytes)
Major General Alexander M. Patch
led the Americal Division, which assumed control of all combat operations on Guadacanal on December 9, 1942, relieving the 1st Marine Division.

Brigadier_Sebree.JPG (10582 bytes)
Brigadier-General Edmund B. Sebree
Replaced General Rupertus, and commanded the western sector of the American perimeter during the action on the Matanikau in November 1942.

Britain and the Commonwealth Leaders



Rear-Admiral_V_A_C_Crutchley.JPG (10624 bytes)
Rear-Admiral V.A.C. Crutchley
Royal Navy
Admiral Turner's second-in-command


Imperial Japanese Navy

IJN_Admiral_Mikawa.JPG (10671 bytes)
Admiral Mikawa
Commander-in-chief of the Eighth Fleet


IJN_Admiral_Tanaka.JPG (11028 bytes)
Rear-Admiral RaizoTanaka
conveyed reinforcements to
Guadalcanal in late August


IJN_Admiral_Kondo.JPG (11483 bytes)
Admiral Kondo
Led the Japanese naval forces during the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands in October 1942.

IJN_Admiral_Nagumo.JPG (12955 bytes)
Admiral Nagumo
Led the IJN 3rd Fleet at the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, and Carrier Division 1 at the Battle of Santa Cruz.

IJN_Vice-Admiral_Kusaka.JPG (11114 bytes)
Vice-Admiral Kusaka
IJN senior naval commander at Rabaul

Imperial Japanese Army



Colonel_Kiyono_Ichiki.jpg (11365 bytes)
Colonel Kiyono Ichiki
Leader of the force that attacked Marine positions in the Battle of the Tenaru on the night of August 20-21, 1942.






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