Guadalcanal Photo Gallery - The Medal of Honor Winners

Here are photos of the twenty Medal of Honor winners from the Guadalcanal campaign.
The colorized photos were made available from the Home of Heroes website.
For further information on each MOH citation, see the WWII MOH names page at "Home of Heroes".


Kenneth_Dillon_Bailey.jpg (12058 bytes)
Major Kenneth D. Bailey, USMC



Harold_William_Bauer.jpg (12761 bytes)
Lt.Col. Harold Bauer, USMC



John_Basilone.jpg (11773 bytes)
Gy/Sgt. John Basilone, USMC



Daniel_Judson_Callaghan.jpg (11281 bytes)
Rear Adm. Daniel J. Callaghan, USN



Anthony_Casamento.jpg (13575 bytes)
Cpl. Anthony Casamento, USMC
(MOH awarded on September 12, 1980)


Charles_Willis_Davis.jpg (9750 bytes)
Major Charles W. Davis, USA


Jefferson_Joseph_DeBlanc.jpg (12843 bytes)
Capt. Jefferson J. DeBlanc, USMC



Merritt_Austin_Edson.jpg (12184 bytes)
Col. Merritt A. Edson, USMC



Joseph_Jacob_Foss.jpg (11819 bytes)
Capt. Joseph Foss, USMC



William_Grant_Fournier.jpg (11273 bytes)
Sgt. William G. Fournier, USA



Robert_Edward_Galer.jpg (10976 bytes)
Major Robert E. Galer, USMC



Lewis_R_Hall.jpg (10319 bytes)
T/5 Lewis Hall, USA



Reinhardt_John_Keppler.jpg (10023 bytes)
BM1c Reinhard J. Keppler, USN



Bruce_McCandless.jpg (10872 bytes)
Lt. Cmdr. Bruce McCandless, USN



Douglas_Albert_Munro.jpg (9409 bytes)
S1c Douglas A. Munro, USCG



Mitchell_Paige.jpg (11455 bytes)
Plt.Sgt. Mitchell Paige, USMC



Herbert_Emery_Schonland.jpg (12126 bytes)
Lt.Cmdr. Herbert E. Schonland, USN



Norman_Scott.jpg (11578 bytes)
Rear Adm. Norman Scott, USN



John_Lucian_Smith.jpg (11409 bytes)
Major John L. Smith, USMC


Alexander_Archer_Vandegrift.jpg (13428 bytes)
Gen. Alexander A. Vandegrift, USMC




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