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The air war for Guadalcanal during 1942: A TRIBUTE TO THE CACTUS AIR FORCE
Navy and Marine aviation in the Pacific during 1941-5: NAVAL AIR WAR IN THE PACIFIC
BLACK CAT PBY CATALINAS operating from Guadalcanal and elsewhere in the S.W. Pacific.
My first WWII aviation website: AMERICAN AIRCRAFT OF WWII
Great WWII Aviation art you can afford: GLENN ILLUSTRATORS AVIATION ART
The making of the classic 1963 movie: HOW THE WEST WAS WON
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Guadalcanal-related websites

Guadalcanal overview weblinks

Guadalcanal: The First Offensive by The U.S. Army Center Of Military History
Marines in World War II, a Historical Monograph by the USMCR Historical Section
The Guadalcanal Campaign - edited by George Geobel
Naval Historical Center - Online Library of Selected Images: Guadalcanal Campaign
History of U.S. Marine Corps Operations in WWII - Vol. I: Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal
Hyperwar: First Offensive: The Marine Campaign for Guadalcanal
Operation Watchtower: The Battle for Guadalcanal

Guadalcanal Ground War weblinks

From the USMC Historical Section: Marines in WWII Historical Monograph - Guadalcanal
An eyewitness account of the battle of Guadalcanal: A Marine Diary
Navy Seabees on Guadalcanal
Guadalcanal Journal - A Marine's personal diary

Guadalcanal Air War weblinks

The air war for Guadalcanal during 1942: A Tribute to the Cactus Air Force
A very detailed text history of The Guadalcanal Air War
A series of articles on The 11th Bombardment Group and the 67th Fighter Squadron in the Battle for Guadalcanal
Book excerpt: "Dauntless Marine: Joseph Sailer, Jr., Dive-Bombing Ace of Guadalcanal"
Brief biographies and stories of the high scoring U.S. Aces of World War II

Guadalcanal Naval War weblinks

Maps of the Guadalcanal Naval Battles
Guadalcanal Campaign: The Battle of Savo Island
USS Washington BB56 and the Third Battle of Savo

Miscellaneous Guadalcanal weblinks

Photo Album: Official USMC Photos
Visit Guadalcanal's historic sites as they are today: Peter Flahavin's Guadalcanal Battle Sites 1942-1999


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