February 1, 2008: After a long absence while building other websites, I added many more photos, mostly to the ground war photo gallery.
September 21, 2003:
Doubled the amount of photos in the Land War photo section, and organized it into seven separate galleries.

February 7, 2003: Added about a dozen new photos, mostly to the page of naval action photos.
January 17, 2003: Revised the history pages, updated the Weblinks page, and added reunion information on the Veterans page.
November 17, 2002: Added a new photo gallery of all the Guadalcanal Medal of Honor recipients.
September 13, 2002: Updated the Japanese ships page with all ship names, and photo links where possible. Also, added a few more photos to the ground war photo page.
September 10, 2002: there are now photo links for all Allied ships (categorized by battle) on the Allied ships photo page.
September 8, 2002: added 15 ground war photos.
June 5, 2002: added 5 ground war photos, and 3 naval war photos
May 20, 2002: added a Paintings page to the Photo Gallery








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