Outer_doorway.JPG (28152 bytes)
The outer doorway from Ica's Plaza de Armas into the home and museum of Dr. Cabrera. You have to step over a high doorsill that would come in handy during flash floods, but unfortunately won't do much during the more likely earthquakes.


stones-2.JPG (29052 bytes)
Every room is filled with partions full of shelving that are full of stones.
Most of the stones are sorted by category or theme.


stones-1.JPG (33513 bytes)
Some of the stones are too big to easily fit on the shelves,
and others are the size of boulders and must sit on the floor.


dinosaurs_main_rock.JPG (28025 bytes)
Dr. Cabrera stands with his pointer while explaining the significance of this
large stone that is covered with pictures of dinosaurs interacting with men.


stargazer_side.JPG (33874 bytes)
Two men with telescopes observe the heavenly bodies in the sky. A comet with a streaming
tail is approaching from the upper left, with stars and other space objects above. This is the

same rock that appears on the cover of Dr. Cabrera's book "The Message of the Stones".


stargazer_top.JPG (42070 bytes)
The top of the rock shown above.


belly_operations_1.JPG (37763 bytes)
Two very large stones on the floor depict medical operations on the belly of two patients. Due to the pendulous breasts on both patients, I think both rocks show women as patients, possibly in a pregnancy-related medical procedure. Note the scalpel above the patient on the center stone.


belly_operations_2.JPG (35129 bytes)
Two smaller stones show medical procedures similar to the previous photo.
Note on the center stone a man is handing a baby to a woman with something unusual in/on her stomach area.


scissors.JPG (37082 bytes)
This stone had a perfect representation of a pair of scissors,
right down to the rivet fastening the blades together.


continents-1.JPG (29704 bytes)
A representation of the continents the way they appeared in ancient times.


continents-2.JPG (39351 bytes)
A different stone with the continents, showing the Earth's other hemisphere.


dinosaur_eggs.JPG (23536 bytes)
A collection of fossiled dinosaur eggs. The yellowish one in
the center has been cross-sectioned to show its interior.


with_Paracas_textile.JPG (35251 bytes)
Dr. Cabrera gives a talk about the significance of the Paracas textile whose image adorns his office wall.
A full explanation of this ancient textile can be found in Dr. Cabrera's book.


book_signing.JPG (29220 bytes)
Dr. Cabrera personally signs the copy of his book that I purchased from him.


posing_with_Dr_Cabrera-edited2.jpg (20489 bytes)
Dr. Cabrera and I stand behind his desk for a photo.
A horrible picture of me (well, at least it proves I was there),
and Dr. Cabrera looks like he probably feels. Interestingly, the framed

portrait on the wall behind the doctor seems to frame him rather well.