Welcome to this website. My goal for this site is to try to show various aspects of the air war in the Pacific during World War II, specifically the U.S. Navy and Marine air units and actions. One section has been devoted to U.S. carriers in the Pacific, while the rest tries to cover the men, aircraft, and other related issues. It started as a strictly photographic collection, but has since grown to include drawings, paintings, and text.

There were thousands of photos taken during this time period, but I am only displaying a representative sampling, to give the viewer a taste of what it was like to be involved with the naval air war. Hopefully the variety of different subjects portrayed will allow the viewer to mentally "fill in the gaps" and gain a better overall perspective than that which is provided by most visual histories.

If you have any good pics that you feel should be on this site, attach them to an email and send them to me (with a descriptive caption and photo credits, please). If you wish to link to my site, please do. If you have feedback about the site, email me. (Be sure and mention the site name when you do, as I manage a number of WWII sites.) If you are interested in related sites, check out the weblinks page. Thanks for visiting!

- Dave Hanson, webmaster


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