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January 17, 2010: Revised the Veterans Info page to remove dead links and add new ones.
June 20, 2002:
THIS WEBSITE IS MOVING! I am going to a dedicated server under my domain name of "daveswarbirds.com", so the new address will be http://www.daveswarbirds.com/navalwar. Please update your bookmarks. The old address will hopefully still work, but a re-direction will take the visitor to the new server. My aviation websites have become a victim of their own success, as I was getting so many visitors that my ISP was complaining about bandwidth useage, and I was forced to move to a commercial-grade server. This means that my costs for keeping my aviation websites online has suddenly increased 150%, and I was struggling to pay for them as it was. If you enjoy this site (or any of my other sites), please consider becoming a sponsor (ie. - make a donation) so that I can stay on-line. Email me for further information if you are interested.
August 9, 2001:
Revised the Resources page to enable you to get more info on certain books, and even order them direct on-line. Also added a donations page to allow visitors to donate money to help pay my ISP costs so that this website can stay online.

June 19, 2001: I added a lot of new photo links to my "U.S. Navy Archives" photo section.
April 18, 2001: I added three paintings by artist James Laurier to the Paintings section. James was nice enough to send them to me for use on this website.
September 7, 2000: Attention All Hands!  I found a treasure trove of photos online in the Department of the Navy's "Naval Historical Center" website, so I logged the best pictures that were appropriate for this site, and created a page linking to over 160 of these large photos, each of which have their own page with descriptions. Look for this new section called "U.S. Navy Archives" under the Miscellaneous heading.
March 30, 2000: I've just completed a website for Glenn Illustrators, distributors of quality aviation art at affordable prices. I've been featuring their artwork in my Paintings section for some time now; and now they have a professional website to show off their great WWII art prints.
February 14, 2000:Added a page for those seeking to find info an individual U.S. serviceman or veteran.
November 17, 1999:Added a thumbnail for each picture, visible in its own frame, that changes when you move the mouse over a viewable link. You must have a current Javascript-enabled browser to take advantage of this feature. Also, fixed some broken links and corrected some pictures' brightness levels.
October 14, 1999: Added more pictures to the Glenn Illustrator's gallery, accessible via the Paintings page. Also added a link to my latest website "Battle-damaged B-17 Flying Fortresses" on the Weblinks page.
May 15, 1999 - Added a TBF photo to the "In Flight" page, and this symbol colorpic.gif (150 bytes) to all descriptions of photos that are in color.
May 1, 1999 - Added a photo of VF-17 pilots to the "Aircrew" page, and one of a damaged F4U tail to "Island Bases".
April 5, 1999 - Added another painting (#41) to the "Paintings" page.
January 16, 1999 - Added a number of photos here and there from the book "Steichen At War", as well as a few other upgrades and additions. Also added a link on the Weblinks page so you can "meet the webmaster".
November 25, 1998 - Added more than a dozen color photographs (taken of men and aircraft during the war), scattered throughout the website.

August 15, 1998: This website opens to the public.

In other news: I now have finished a new website on the Black Cat squadrons (the Navy PBY Catalinas painted black for nighttime attacks on shipping).  You can also find links to my other WWII aviation websites on the Weblinks page.  Thanks for visiting!

Check back to this page in the future to see what new additions have been made to this site.