A flight of B-17s simulates the formation that arrived at Hickam field during the middle of the attack.
A landing gear malfunction on one of the aircraft was used to good effect by the producers, who told
the aircraft to circle until a film crew could get into place to film its landing.

Here we see the B-17 about to make its famous landing on one wheel.

The B-17 bellies in after the right wing dips to the ground. This "accidental" footage was kept in the
movie, and became one of the more memorable scenes in the movie.

This is not an aircraft, or a model. It is a flat replica of a B-17, meant to be used as a backdrop for certain scenes.
When viewed at a distance from the proper angle, it looks very real.
(courtesy of FlyPast magazine)

Here you can see one of the full-size flat B-17 backdrops being hoisted into place.
Note the shape of the tail on this early model of the B-17.
(courtesy of Air Classics magazine)



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