The replica Kate torpedo bombers were created for the movie by combining sections of American AT-6 Texan and BT-13 trainers.

The structure added to the Kate incorporated a carrier tail hook attach point and the adaptation
for the BT-13 tail section. When finished, the Kate is a combination of BT and AT.
(courtesy of Air Classics magazine, Feb. 1969 issue)

The Kate goes together. The T-6 structure is in front and the BT-13 section is behind. The added frame is from
arrow to arrow in the picture. The engine on the Kate was moved forward over two feet to further stretch the T-6's length.
(courtesy of Air Classics magazine, Feb. 1969 issue)

One of the modifications was the sweeping wing-to-fuselage fillet indicated by a Stewart-Davis craftsman. It was "mods" like this that complimented the BT-13's design to give it more speed.
(courtesy of Air Classics magazine, Feb. 1969 issue)

Here we see one of the finished Kates in overall dark green taking off from Wheeler Field,
where the replica Japanese air armada was based during the filming.

Two more Kates, this time in overall light grey, rise to join the formation of Japanese attackers over Pearl.
Note the fiberglass torpedo replicas slung underneath.


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