The full-size OS2U Kingfisher replica on catapult of the USS Arizona set was built to perfect scale
using a Wright R-975 engine, complete interior fixtures and even a rear mounted Browning machine
gun.    (courtesy of Air Classics magazine)

Another view of the fiberglass Kingfisher replica. Interestingly, the aircraft lacks the red circle within
the national insignia; one of the few mistakes in authenticity made by the production crew.
(courtesy of Air Classics magazine)

An SBD-5 Dauntless dive bomber belonging the Marine Corps Museum
(courtesy of Air Classics magazine)

B-25J Mitchell bomber that was used in the scene where a Zero crashes into a hangar (seen from within).
The question is: why was this B-25 given a single vertical tail, instead of the twin tail that all Mitchells had?
(from the Bob O'Hara collection, courtesy of FlyPast magazine)



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