Sikorsky JR2S-1
also: VS-44

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The prototype for the VS-44 was first flown on August 13, 1937. The Sikorsky VS-44 had a maximum range of 3,800 miles when carrying a payload of 5,000 pounds. American Export Airlines ordered three for a planned transatlantic route to the UK and France, although there were delays in obtaining CAB approval. On January 12, 1942, the US Navy gave AEA a contract to operate a wartime route across the Atlantic. The airline's temporary civil certificate, to cover a non-stop New York-Foynes (Ireland) service was granted on February 10, 1942, and continued throughout the war. One VS-44, used post-war by Antilles Air Boats, survives in the museum at Windsor Locks, Connecticut.  During WWII three VS-44 Sikorsky "Excalibur" passenger flying boats for American Export Airlines were completed as XJR2S-1 for the Navy, but flown by AEA under contract. Here are some additional weblinks:

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Sikorsky JR2S-1

Type:		utility transport amphibian flying boat
Crew:		? 
Armament:	none

	Length:        	76' 2" (also listed as 80')
	Height:        	N/A
	Wingspan:      	124' 0" 
	Wing area:	N/A
	Empty Weight:  	N/A
	Max Weight: 	N/A

	No. of Engines:	4
	Powerplant:    	Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp air-cooled engines
	Horsepower:	1200 hp each

	Range:		3,800 miles
	Cruise Speed:   N/A
	Max Speed:      235 m.p.h
	Ceiling:       	N/A

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