Douglas XB-43 Jetmaster

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The Douglas XB-43 project was initiated in late 1943, and was basically an all-jet powered revision of the XB-42 design. Two prototypes were built, with the first flight taking place in May of 1946. After several years of being used for testing purposes, the aircraft were retired in 1953. See the links below for more information on this aircraft.

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(updated February 2009)

Douglas XB-43 Jetmaster

Type:           jet bomber
Crew:           three
Armament:       two .50 cal machine guns in tail (never installed)
                up to 8000 lbs. of bombs 

        Length:         51' 5"
        Height:         24' 3" 
        Wingspan:       71' 1" 
        Wing area:      325 sq. ft (30 sq. m)
        Weight:   	40,000 lbs. (max. gross weight)

        No. of Engines: 2
        Powerplant:     General Electric J35-GE-3 (TG-180) axial flow turbojets
        Horsepower:     4,000 lbs. thrust each

        Range:          2500 miles 
        Cruise Speed:   410 mph 
        Max Speed:      503 mph 
        Climb:          2470 ft/min initial climb rate
        Ceiling:        38500 ft 

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