Martin XB-48

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The Martin XB-48 was designed to meet an Army Air Force request for a jet bomber made in Spring of 1944. Three other bomber development projects (the North American XB-45, the Consolidated XB-46, and the Boeing XB-47) were also initiated to meet this AAF request, but none of them were developed in time to serve during WWII. For more history on this aircraft, see the links below.

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(updated February 2009)

Martin XB-48

Type:           jet bomber
Crew:           three
Armament:       two .50 cal machine guns in tail
                up to 22,000 lbs. of bombs

        Length:         85' 9" 
        Height:         26' 6" 
        Wingspan:       108' 4"
        Gross Weight:   58500 lb empty, 92600 max

        No. of Engines: 6
        Powerplant:     General Electric J35-GE-7 axial-flow turbojets 
        Horsepower:     3820 lb.s.t. each

        Range:          500 miles with max bombload
        Cruise Speed:   415 mph 
        Max Speed:      516 mph at 20,000 feet
        Ceiling:        39400 ft 

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