Hughes XF-11

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The first prototype flew on April 15, 1946. Two built. Canceled.

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Hughes XF-11

Type:		photographic reconnaissance aircraft
Crew:		2 (pilot and relief pilot-navigator)
Armament: 	none
	Length:        	65' 5"
	Height:        	23' 2"
	Wingspan:      	101' 4"
	Wing area:	n/a
	Empty Weight:  	n/a
	Max Weight: 	58,300 pounds

	No. of Engines:	2
	Powerplant:    	Pratt-Whitney R-4360-31, 2250kW
	Horsepower:	n/a

	Range:		5000 miles
	Cruise Speed:   n/a
	Max Speed:      450mph
	Ceiling:       	42000ft

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