Northrop A-17A

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The Northrop A-17A was a single-engined attack aircraft of 1936 vintage, whose active role in the Army Air Corps was mostly over by the time war broke out. A-17As saw unit service with the Army for less than four years. In June 1940, all but 20 A-17As were sold overseas to England and France. The remaining Army Air Forces A-17 and A-17As were used as advanced trainers and squadron support aircraft, most ending up as ground maintenance trainers. The last A-17A was written off of Army Air Forces records in early 1945.   (data courtesy of USAF Museum)

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(updated February 2009)

Northrop A-17A

Type:           attack aircraft
Crew:           2
Armament:       four fixed .30-cal machine guns
		one flexible mount .30-cal machine gun
		up to 1,100 lbs. of bombs
        Length:         31 ft. 8 in.
        Height:         9 ft. 3 in.
        Wingspan:       47 ft. 9 in.
	Wing area:	363 sq. feet
        Weight:   	7,543 lbs. maximum

        No. of Engines: 1
        Powerplant:     Pratt & Whitney R-1535-13
        Horsepower:     825 hp

        Range:          732 miles
        Cruise Speed:   170 mph
        Max Speed:      220 mph
        Ceiling:        19,400 ft.

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