Douglas A-33

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In the early 1930s a USAAC specification for an attack aircraft led to the development of the Northrop A-17, which was produced between 1935 and 1937. In 1939 Douglas decided to develop the Northrop design for export to foriegn nations, and identified the new version as the Model 8A. The 8A was similar to the A-17, but had a more powerful engine and a retractable tail wheel. In early 1942 a batch of 31 Model 8As intended for Peru were commandeered by the U.S. Army, and given the designation A-33. All of these aircraft were used for training purposes.

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Douglas A-33

Type:		two-seat attack aircraft
Crew:		2
Armament:	four .30 inch machine guns in the wings
		two .30 inch machine guns in rear cockpit
		up to 1,800 lbs. of bombs

	Length:        	32' 5" (9.88 m)
	Height:        	9' 9" (2.97 m)
	Wingspan:      	47' 8.75" (14.55 m)
	Wing area:	363 sq. ft (33.72 sq. m)
	Empty Weight:  	5370 lb (2436 kg)
	Max Weight: 	8949 lb (4059 kg) max at takeoff

	No. of Engines:	1
	Powerplant:    	Wright GR-1820-G205A Cyclone 9
	Horsepower:	1200 hp

	Range:		910 miles (1464 km)
	Cruise Speed:   200 mph ( 322 km/h)
	Max Speed:      265 mph ( 426 km/h) at 9000 ft
	Ceiling:       	32000 ft (9755 m)

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