Waco CG-3A

Waco CG-3A picture
The Waco CG-3 was the USAAF's first production troop-carrying glider, but 200 of the 300 ordered under the designation CG-3A were cancelled, the 100 built being used as trainers for the pilots needed to man the improved CG-4A.
Additional information on this aircraft can be found at Wikipedia here.
(updated February 2009)

Waco CG-3A

Type:		troop-carrying glider
Crew:		2, plus 7 troops
Armament:	none

	Length:        	43' 4" (13.21 m)
	Height:        	(none listed)
	Wingspan:      	73' 1" (22.28 m)
	Wing area:	(none listed)
	Empty Weight:  	2044 lb (927 kg)
	Max Weight: 	4400 lb (1996 kg) max at takeoff

	Max towing speed: 120 mph ( 193 km/h)
	Normal tow speed: 100 mph ( 161 km/h)
	Min control speed: 38 mph ( 61 km/h)

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