Fairchild AT-21 Gunner

AT-21 Gunner picture
The AT-21 Gunner was designed to fill the need for a way to train bomber aircrews, especially in regards to the operation of a bomber's machine gun defenses. In this way trainees could learn how to use a power turret or a gun on a flex mount, as well as learn to function as a member of a crew. 175 AT-21s were produced (some were manufactured by Bellanca, and some by McDonnell, but most were made by Fairchild), and they remained in service until 1944, when they were replaced by training examples of the actual aircraft in which the gunners would eventually serve.

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(updated February 2009)

Fairchild AT-21 Gunner

Type:		specialized gunnery trainer
Crew:		4
Armament:	one .30 cal machine gun in nose
		two .30 cal machine guns in dorsal turret

	Length:        	38' 0" (11.58 m)
	Height:        	13' 1.5" (4.00 m)
	Wingspan:      	52' 8" (16.05 m)
	Wing area:	378 sq. ft (35.12 sq. m)
	Empty Weight:  	8654 lb (3925 kg)
	Max Weight: 	11,288 lb (5120 kg) max at takeoff

	No. of Engines:	2
	Powerplant:    	Ranger V-750-15 inline
	Horsepower:	520 hp	each

	Range:		910 miles (1464 km)
	Cruise Speed:   196 mph ( 315 km/h) at 12,000 ft
	Max Speed:      225 mph ( 362 km/h) at 12,000 ft
	Ceiling:       	22,150 ft (6750 m)

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