Allied LRA-1

Allied LRA-1 picture
Prior to WWII many military services experimented with gliders in training and cargo-carrying roles. The early successes of the Germans in the beginning of the war caused the U.S. to increase their attentions on the possibility of military gliders. While the U.S. Navy had shown some interest in the subject as far back as 1920, 1940 brought new efforts to explore the concept of a flying boat glider. The Allied Aviation Corporation made two wooden prototypes, with four more ordered from the Bristol Aeronautical Corporation. 100 examples of the type were eventually ordered from each of the two companies, but the orders were cancelled in 1943 when it was decided that the needs could be met by more conventional powered aircraft.
Additional information on this aircraft can be found at Wikipedia here.
(updated February 2009)

Allied LRA-1

Type:		flying boat transport glider
Crew:		2, plus 10 troops
Armament:	none

	Length:        	40' 0" (12.19 m)
	Height:        	12' 3" (3.73 m)
	Wingspan:      	72' 0" (21.95 m)

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