Martin PBM Mariner

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The first Martin PBM Mariner flying boats were produced in April 1941, and the last were manufactured eight years later. The Mariner underwent a few modifications and versions in its lifespan, and served well wherever it was used.

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Martin PBM-3D Mariner

Type:		seven/eight-seat patrol flying boat
Crew:		7-8
Armament: 	eight .50 cal machine guns
		up to 8,000 lbs. of bombs or depth charges

	Length:        	79' 10" (24.33 m)
	Height:        	27' 6" (8.38 m)
	Wingspan:      	118' 0" (35.97 m)
	Wing area:	1408 sq. ft (130.80 sq. m)
	Empty Weight:  	33,175 lb (15,048 kg)
	Max Weight: 	58,000 lb (26,308 kg) max at takeoff

	No. of Engines:	2
	Powerplant:    	Wright R-2660-22 Cyclone radial
	Horsepower:	1900 hp each

	Range:		2240 miles (3605 km)
	Cruise Speed:   (not listed)
	Max Speed:      211 mph ( 340 km/h) at 1500 ft
	Ceiling:       	19,800 ft (6035 m)

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