Consolidated P2Y

  Consolidated P2Y

Designed in response to a 1931 contract for a replacement for the PY-1 flying boat, the P2Y sesquiplane flying boat served in Navy squadrons from 1933 to the end of 1941, when all of the P2Ys were withdrawn from operational use (being replaced by the more advanced Consolidated PBY Catalina). A number of P2Ys served at NAS Pensacola in a training role during 1941-3, but otherwise they were not actively used during the war.

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Consolidated P2Y

Type:           Patrol Flying Boat
Crew:           five
Armament:       two dorsal gun hatches behind wings
                one .30 cal machine gun in bow
                2,000 lbs. of bombs or depth charges

        Length:         61' 9"
        Height:         19' 1"
        Wingspan:       100'
        Weight:         12,769 empty, 25,266 gross
	Wing Area:	1514 sq. feet

        No. of Engines: 2
        Powerplant:     Wright R-1820-90
        Horsepower:     750 hp each

        Range:          1180 miles with 2000 lb bombload
        Cruise Speed:   117 mph
        Max Speed:      139 mph at 4000 feet
        Ceiling:        16,100 ft

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