1. Can I link to your site?
Yes. Please do. (Unless your website contains objectionable subject matter, of course.)

2. Can you put my link on your Weblinks page?
Only if it is appropriate to the subject matter. Examples that don't fit: modern jets, cars, non-historical topics, squirrels. Even if it passes that test, it's still a judgement call on my part.

3. Would you like to trade links?
See the answer to #2.

4. Do I have your permission to use your photos on my website / school project / etc. ?
They're not my photos, so I can't give you permission. Almost all of the photos should be in the public domain, so they should be available for anybody to use. However, since I collected them all in one place for your convenience, I would appreciate it if you credit my site as the source. Note that the links to other websites that have photos (like the Totavia website and the USAF Museum website) are a different matter. Those photos are NOT part of my site, and they are not in the public domain.

5. Where can I get photographic copies of these photos?
To get actual photographs of the aircraft on this site (though probably not the exact same pictures), try these two contacts:

Alex (A.J.) Lutz
Asst. Archivist
Library and Archives
San Diego Aerospace Museum
2001 Pan American Plaza, Balboa Park
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 234-8291 ext.25
FAX: (619) 233-4526 or
Vintage Prints
Jeff Martinez

6. How come I can't back up to the page that referred me to this site?
If you arrived at this page via a search engine (looking for a specific plane), you've been forced  into a set of frames so that the other frames are available for navigation purposes. You won't be able to return to your original search engine page by using the "BACK" button (unless you turn off your Javascript), but you can return there if you use the "Go" pull-down menu (Netscape) or the "History" menu (if you use IE). (Or try hitting the "BACK" button several times really fast.)

7. How can I find information on my relative who was in the Air Force / Navy / Marines / etc. ?
See my webpage at /navalwar/veterans.htm

8. Do you have any info on [insert esoteric aviation topic here]?
I know a lot about WWII aviation, but I don't have a huge research library at my fingertips, and I don't pretend to be a trivia expert. Most people ask me questions without even making a modest effort to get the information themselves by using a search engine. Use them! That's what I do! My favorites are All the Web, Google, Dogpile, C4, and Northern Light. Sure, it's time-consuming. But why should I do your research for you? (Though I have been known to take bribes.) And PLEASE, don't ask me questions that require very involved answers (like the one student who asked "Can you explain the role the airplane had in World War II"?).  Jeez!   Write your own term papers!

9. Are you always this grumpy?
No. It's just waaaaaaaaay past my bedtime.

10. I'm speechless.
Finally. Goodnight.