Not only is the Gulf War illness (GWI) real, but it turns out that it can be passed on to others. However, the good news is that a new treatment seems to work in many cases. Unfortunately, this treatment is being ignored by the government, and as a result thousands continue to suffer needlessly. This is another topic with way more articles than I have time to wade through, but I'll put up links for what I can....

Heroic Dr. Nicolson Warns GWI Is A Contagious Epidemic
Nicholsons Get Funding As GWI Explodes Into US Population
Newest Treatments For GWI, CFS, And Fibromyalgia
Gulf War Veterans Association (good links for GWI)
Pentagon Looks At 'PB' As Possible Cause Of Gulf War Syndrome
British Doctors Focus on Multiplicity of GWI
Mycoplasma = Gulf War Sydrome, CFIDS, ICL, Epstein-Barr, And More.
Germ warfare Against America: Part 1. What is Gulf War Illness (GWI)?
Mycoplasma Infection - From GWI To Chemtrail Illness - Extremely Important
Mycoplasma Information Package
US Army Mycoplasma Fermentans Incognitus Patent - Read It And Weep
Illegal Vaccine Substance 'Squalene' Tied To Gulf War Illness
02/07/03 VA Data Confirms Massive Delayed Gulf War I Casualties


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