What happens when archeological evidence turns up that could upset the standard timeline for history that scientists have been telling us for centuries? Why, it's ignored, of course. (Too many reputations and careers depend on the status quo being maintained.) The classic book that tells us of these archeological anomolies is "Forbidden Archeology", by Michael Cremo (which was condensed into a more readable form called "The Hidden History of the Human Race"). I suggest that you read one of those books, and then continue your quest from there. This page will contain links on things that are "out of place" to the commonly-accepted timeline of history. They raise the questions: Is mankind far older than believed? Or is it that our timelines are faulty? Or both?

Top 10 Out-Of-Place Artifacts (O.O.P.s)
Pieces Out of Time
Time Upside Down (Odd Things in Wrong Places.)
Michael Cremo's website (author of Forbidden Archeology)
summary of Forbidden Archeology
Links to Anomalous & Cool Sites




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